I am currently teaching 5 public class per week:

every Wednesday 11:00-11:45 Vinyasa & 19:30-20:15 Pranayama at Light Centre Moorgate

every Thursday 12:00-12:45 Vinyasa & 17:00-17:45 Pranayama at Light Centre Monument

every Monday 16:30-17:45 AcroYoga at Triyoga Soho.

I am also available for privates & corporate classes. Contact me directly on: anastasis @ healthconsc . com to confirm availability.


What is my teaching style?

I aspire to help my students develop their physical practice and breathing capacity in a safe and progressive way. The impact of this is a profound increase in energy levels, emotional stability and a focused mind. On the physical aspect I place a strong emphasis on fundamental movements which allow for achieving more advanced ones in a safe and predictable way.



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I first met Anastasis when he covered the regular yoga teacher at my local gym. My fiancé and I had both only had a couple of yoga classes before this but we enjoyed the class with Anastasis so much that we arranged to have weekly private sessions with him. He was clearly a very skilled yoga teacher and we liked that he also seemed strong and knowledgeable in other forms of exercise.


We have now had around 12 one hour private sessions with Anastasis and we both really enjoy them and feel we have noticeably improved. Anastasis is a very patient and flexible teacher yet he moves the classes along at a good pace so that we always feel we are learning something new and challenging ourselves. We lead a very busy lifestyle and our sessions with Anastasis help us to clear our minds and feel relaxed. I would highly recommend him as a yoga teacher.
~ Rebecca (Marketing manager) Dec 15




“I am Pete, I am a Personal Trainer and what I really found great with this workshop today is how I learned to stay calm in the water, the ice bath & really learn how to breath and stay calm basically because I’ve always struggled to get in the sea. Thank you Ana & Anastasis. [Who do you think would benefit from this workshop?] I think anyone like myself, struggles with the cold, anyone struggling with any health issues, the cold might be able to help. For instance burning body fat, increasing your metabolism.” ~ Pete Galliott | BBJ Blue belt UK National champion (July 17)



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Coming Up workshops

Breathing Workshops

Oxygen Advantage Breathing workshop” at Light Centre Monument Fri 2nd Feb 2018 (19:15-21:15)

Wim Hof Method Breathing workshop” at YogaRise Peckham Sat 27th Jan 2017 (11:00-13:00)


Pilates – Core Activation” at Light Centre Monument Fri 26th Jan 19:00-21:00


ICE Yoga” at Light Centre Monument Sat 10th of March


“I am Adam. I am a canoeing athlete and I really enjoyed the Handstand and Wim Hof breathing workshop today. I learnt a little bit more about keeping a straight line and also about how to press into a handstand strongly. And the breathing at the end as well. I managed to hold my breath for longer than before – so I was really excited by that. Definitely recommend the workshop.” ~ Adam Burgess | U23 World Champion in Galasport G1 (August 17)



“My name is Graham Hollingsworth and I am an architect & surveyor. I am 58 years old and I have identified that the key to health is that you need correct breathing pattern. Something that very often you lose over your life of been extremely busy. And therefore I thought this course was a fantastic opportunity to focus on breathing and it certainly is. It allows you to consider how breathing affects the way you feel, and how that will be used going forward. Plus it’s a jolly decent experience. Thank you.” ~ Graham Hollingsworth | Chartered Building Surveyor (July 17)



“Thank you for an amazing workshop on Saturday which gave us a fascinating introduction to the Wim Hof Method.  It helped us, in just a few hours, to understand a little about the power of the breath and cold water to fire up the metabolism, increase mitochondria, brown fat and regulate hormones. This was all testament to the structure of the course and your delivery. If someone told me I’d ever agree to sit submerged in an ice bath for 2 minutes I’d have laughed and it’s thanks to your encouragement and mentoring that I achieved it!
You have given me the appetite to learn more and I shall never forget the experience.” ~ Melanie Hamilton | actress (May 17)


Previous workshops

Wim Hof Method for Athletes August 2017 at Light Centre Monument


“WHM & Yoga 1 Day Retreat”  July 2017 in Guernsey 🇬🇬


Wim Hof Method Breathing workshop at Light Centre Monument July 17


“Wim Hof Method for Actors” May 2017 in Nottingham


Handstand & Breathing workshops run monthly between Jan 16 & Dec 17